Paul Cullen Attorney Services and Legal Counsel

Paul Cullen has practiced law in Washington for over 30 years, with 20 years in the private sector in WA, other states, and federal courts.  He has tried hundreds of cases including 200+ jury trials, and handled cases ranging from traffic infractions and DUI, to murder and complex white collar matters.  He has also litigated plaintiff’s securities claims, public works construction claims, anti-trust, professional malpractice, intellectual property, contract, and collection matters in the civil arena.

As a former Executive Vice President of a business he built from startup to IPO (Initial Public Offering), Paul Cullen is one of the few attorneys with a true understanding of business. He brings a wealth of practical experience to representation of individual and corporate clients, and he understands cost benefit analysis in the corporate business environment.

Paul was the founder of a state-certified ignition interlock company in 2002, and he participated in writing all Washington State ignition interlock laws from 2002 through 2010. He was instrumental in making ignition interlock devices the accepted means of allowing DUI offenders to drive safely, where they would otherwise have lost their driving privileges completely.

Paul is a regular panel speaker at Bainbridge Island High School on risk-taking behavior with a focus on drug and alcohol use and driving. He offers legal counseling to youths and their families, often before a charge has occurred, as he would rather prevent a charge than handle a court case. For youths and adults who have already incurred a charge, Paul is a skilled defender in the Kitsap and Greater Seattle areas. He is accessible and compassionate, he knows the court system and its people, he gets excellent results, and he is affordable.

Paul Cullen handles the following areas:

Criminal Defense   •   DUI   •   Small Business Law

Corporate Law   •   Creditor and Debtor issues   •   Juvenile Offenses

Criminal Record Vacation, Sealing, and Expungement


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